Maintain 保养说明
Maintenance instructions

1. Before using the pen, please wash the pen's suction system with warm water.

2. It is suggested that different brands of ink should not be replaced frequently. Different brands of ink have different ingredients and formulations. After mixing, chemical reactions will occur, resulting in sediment damage to the ink supply system, blocking the water outlet system. Therefore, if you want to replace different brands of ink, please clean the original ink in the pen with warm water, and then use new ink. Please use the front of the pen tips to write. Writing improperly can easily lead to poor drainage or bifurcation of the pen tips. Writing is not smooth. The pen tips should avoid contact with oil stains, sweat stains, etc.

3. Don't write on paper with wool or wax. Carbon ink is easy to crystallize and clog the drainage core, which results in poor drainage. Therefore, if carbon ink is used, it needs to be washed once a week in warm water to ensure smooth drainage. If ink pens are not used for a long time, they should be cleaned before they are idle. Otherwise, they are easy to accumulate dirt and affect the ink supply system, so that ink leakage or ink production is not smooth.

4. Do not place the pen in a high temperature environment above 70 degrees, or in organic solvents such as alcohol, and avoid contact with acidic or alkaline solvents, so as not to cause paint loss or oxidation of the pen pole and pen pieces.

5. Writing structure (effluent system) should not be disassembled (assembled) by itself to avoid parts falling off or damage.

6. Suggestions are made to absorb ink from the tip of the pen and avoid using a water absorber to absorb ink directly. When absorbing ink, the tip and tongue of the pen must be completely immersed in the ink, so that the ink can be absorbed, and then wiped clean with paper towels or soft cotton cloth.

7. After writing, please cover your pen cap in time to prevent ink from drying and to protect your pen tip from damage.

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